Juggu - Your child's learning partner

JUGGU is a smart, intelligent, active all-rounder who is fond of playing and Experimenting new things. He is always curious, wired for enthusiasm, adventurous and open-minded. He is Unique in Helping his Friends at anytime-anywhere, especially in Learning. So, All his Friends and their Parents call him “Learning Partner”.

His anxiety to grab the knowledge makes him perfect. JUGGU believes in self-experienced learning through which he could see/feel and experience each topic by himself. He prefers “We Learn” which is an Offline Classroom with Animated Visualization, Audio, Images, Graphics, Drawing Skills and other Illustrative Techniques. This Highest Quality Experience of Subject-wise, Chapter-wise & topic-wise audio-visual learning motivated JUGGU to explore his thirst for Knowledge, efficiently and effectively.

Now, JUGGU is ready to help you all to Develop the ability to think and reflect, create, adapt, analyze and make connections in your Learning through WeLearn. ENJOY Learning and get A+ Marks in Exams.